woot woot errr.... shit

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I'm finally going to fly solo! Tomorrow we fly from the top of an 800m high mountain, down a valley (cruising along the edge of the ridge to gain free lift), over a village then landing on a dirt patch. AWESOMES!

Definitely not nervous at all...

So the course has been going well, first day we spent playing with the glider as though its a giant kite, laying it out on the floor and using the risers to infalte it and move it about. They really have some pull on them even in slight breezes, couple of times I was dragged along the floor whilst forgetting to pull the D-riser and drop it.. Next 2 days were all about getting in the harness and running with the glider to control it, for the first day about 90% of the time I wasnt inflating the canopy fully and it rolled over to one side pulling me with it, but I got there in the end. By the end of the second day I could set it up, inflate it and run with it controlling its direction with the airbrakes and my body weight (its all about weight shifting...).

Today was our final "ground day" and we spent the morning practicing getting the glider up and at the right angle-of-attack to gain lift for a takeoff, I only managed a couple of runs but on the last one I hit the sweet-spot and lifted about half a metre off the ground before stalling and dropping back again. The secret on that one seems to be leaning forward properly during the initial running, once thats in place the straight run, straight canopy and lift all fall into place :)

Tomorrow we get some training on turning the glider and assuming the right position once up in the air, then we head up to the launch point.. Its a simple flight-plan, just come down the valley and try to gain lift on the right side (as the sun hits that side of the valley it causes the air to rise, if we stick in that we end up rising too) then doing figure-8's over some houses to lose height and practice control and finally doing a landing approach and landing itself. All the time on our own in the glider with radio contact to the ground... woop woop!

I'm looking forward to finally being off the ground and in control, but also nervous about being off the ground and in control :p Nervousness is good though, stops you from fucking up :D

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