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woot woot, 2 solo flights under my belt, no description just an image dump

my glider packed neatly away in its bag

Started the half hour walk up to the launch point today, people ask "why dont you learn in england?" and I show them this

and here are the two launches..

This is the first one, I fucked up a little and forgot to brake after the glider reached flight position. It overshot me whilst I was off the ground, which resulted in me swinging like a pendulum with my arse on the grass-top.. Rest of the flight rocked though, there was a little cross wind whilst going down the valley followed by a nice valley wind at the end. I managed a couple of 180 turns before having to land. I flared out a little late and scraped along the floor before standing and running with the glider

Second launch, better this time, didnt fuck up the pitch of the glider and just ran right off the edge of the cliff, sailing away into the haze.. This one was a lot more turbulent, the valley wind was much stronger and produced a lot more turbulence at the peak of the glide, the glider bounced about like a motherfucker and kept drifting off course. Landing was dodgy too, there was no head wind to slow me down to walking/running speed so I came it at full pelt (22km/h for a glider like mine) and braked hard. Bam! Arse into ground. Tomorrow is a day off for us, then next day we start the next 5 days of the course. The aim of that is to be able to land and fly without radio guidance, were expecting 2-3 flights a day :D Fuck yeah :D-->

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