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not been updating much recently, I've been on late shifts at work which leaves little time for geekery when I get home..

The laser module I ordered arrived, turns out I dont have the parts to build a driver for it though. They should arrive soon though. I'm hoping to control this from my ardiuino with a plan to build some sort of plotter/cutter with it. Time to start digging through the loft for old lego bits :p

On the Simons pissed side of things I'm still trying to find a version of the game for less than 20 quid, no joys so far though. I have the sounds recorded on the ISD chips but still need to map the memory layout for playback

The nabaztag PHP stuff is performing well too, still a few kinks in the system but not bad for a first go

Ta for all the comments on the wallboard as well, I've not had a chance to wire up a serial port connection to it yet but I will do shortly. After that I'll start sending strings to it sequentially and monitor the board with a webcam for changes, shouldnt be too hard to rig up Motion to watch the board for changes, when it does I can compare the times on the capture to the time the string was sent.

yay for hacks :D

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