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7 hours of train hourneys with 2 transfers... meh.


Go Shinkansen! Youre fast but if you were just a little faster...

I missed my first train from Nagasaki and threw out all of my connecting trains by an hours.. it also mean I lost my reserved seating on the train and had to sit in the smoking carriage for most of the journey. Each leg was about 2 hours but after the first one my laptop was dead and most of my other "keep Tom sane toys" had died too...

Eventually I arrive in Tokyo and met Oli, we popped out to the local arcade and decieded to abuse the Photo booth machines. In England photo booths are boring and rather functional things, however over here..


they do crazy shit like this. You get photos taken against a green screen then draw stuff on later. We've done so many of these now. Its funny to see groups of Japanese girls go in to do this then the 3 of us pile in to abuse the system after :)

We hit some other arcades too


lizzy learned to drive a bus and


Oli learned how to play Pachinko and subsequently won the fucking jackpot.

"What do I win?"


"Tokens to do what?"

"Play more pachinko!"


This morning we popped out to Joypolis


I've got a golden (silver) ticket...


3000 yen for an all day pass to all the big rides in the park, I think we used up that much during the day. Whilst lizzy and I queued for a ride Oli decided to arse about with a giant joystick.


Found a 3d film and tried to film it with my new camera, worked really well once you put the glass over it..


Next to Joypolis is a theme park called "Muscle World" that has a restaurant at the top called Monster Burger. They live up to that name...


The park itself is about 6 floors of health and fitness themed competitions and rides. For anyone that watches "Ninja Warrior" on Bravo at homeĀ  - they have a small part of the assault course here that you can try to get round. Including a bit that nearly brained some poor kid :p

Found a bit of quality Engrish too


We decided to head out to Akihabara to seek out some geekery after that



And geekery we found :) This is from a retro games shop like none you've ever seen in the UK. Thats a load of Sega saturns for sale, above is:


a couple of SNES's for sale, to the right Famicoms (japanese NES). Quite nicely below all of that was a load of PC Engines, I've been after one of those since I read about them in Edge magazine back in the 90's. Hmm only 3000 yen (err about 18 quid) but with no power supply, RF cable or contro

ller. Ah well, theyre bound to sell all of that in Akiba somewhere.. So I picked up a PC engine, R-Type and all of the Bomberman Series for under 30 quid :D Even got the multitap so we can rock some 5-player action later.

Bit more Engrish from a costume shop


Oli had found a giant sex-store beforehand and decided to show me round it, its got all the usual boring stuff (and amusingly one floor just for anal toys - proudly marked in the lift signs) but some funny costumes too


Notice the label in the top right hand corner, it says "Man Size". Its a schoolgirls costume...

These are freaky, life size silicone sex dolls. This one is "petite" and mildly disturbing:


Found these 3 twats outside the shop too


This made me LOL


Drinking coffee - LIKE A BOSS. (Cousin that jokes for you)


Disturbing product names make me ROFL


We popped back to where Oli's flat is after that and headed out to a random restaurant for food, we both had the Basashi again and a load of Yakitori with some beers. We discovered a cool little bar as well with some rather friendly staff who applauded us when we tried japanese out on them :)

DSCF0324 DSCF0323_left

Next day! Slept in till late because of the beers last night, then started doing a bit more online research for retro game and geeky things in Akiba, might as well get it done now as I'm not sure its Marlene and Gemmas sort of thing.

Bit of googling bought up a place called Super Potato, its a chain of retro places (they also have a store in Osaka :D ). So off we set..


My god this place rocks, 3 floors starting with retro arcade shit on the top floor, 90's consoles on the middle and newer (gamecube/playstation) era stuff on the bottom. I spent a lot of time on the 2nd floor...


A non-Sega produced Wondermega (Megadrive, 32x and MegaCD all-in-one), the price sticker was.... interesting.


Yeah thats a lot of SNES's for sale, there was an equal number of Saturns, Famicoms, N64's, PC Engines (quite amazingly in all forms produced - right up to the american "TurboGrafx" ones and the pc-tower "PCFX" ones), Neo-Geo (CD and cartridge ones) and matching racks of games for them. If I can find a way to ship it back I'm heading back there for a Neo-Geo CD console and Metal Slug for sure :)


There are a tonne of Maid-cafe's around the Akiba area, the one that cutely squeaked "Thank you very much" at me in English when I took her receipt might be getting a visit soon :p


Lots of tall buildings here, very little old architecture so far.

I'm getting addicted to UFO Catcher and Capsule machines, moreso the capsule machines as you always get something out for your money. For those that havent seen these before you basically stick 100-200 yen in and get a small plastic capsule with a toy in. The big difference here in Japan is that the toys A) Dont suck and B) are fucking cool :)

For example, you can get these keyrings for 200Y a go, each one makes a noise from the mario games


I bought those in Super Potato as its the complete set including the rare one you dont always get from the machines (in this case its the mario "you just died" noise). We found some erm... adult machines too


Looks innocent..


god its something out of Fritzls basement. Havent assembled it yet but I will later


This is a little pin-board that you use to create old game characters, I got the goomba one


I won a pokeball lunchbox from a UFO catcher as well, took me 500 yen to shift it to the edge (where I bashed it into the winning slot with the grabber) but its worth it. I'll try and load it with rice sometime


and for no reason - spam.

Tomorrow I have to head up to Narita to meet Gemma and Marlene, then Saturday we all head off to Kyoto for the week :)

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