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tinkering with facebook

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As part of the nabaztag stuff I've been looking at a general framework for this sort of thing, something with different 'plugins' to output to different devices. As a test I've started writing Facebook apps :)

So far I've managed to write a desktop app that updates my status from a python script.

Another idea I'm working on is automatic facebook updates, for example I can leave bluetooth switched on my phone and have my server pick up when I'm in range. If I am (and wasnt) then set my facebook status to "has just arrived at home", or even if it detects that I'm on the wordpress admin page have it set my status to "blogging". I've started work on a prioritising system as well, so that some updates dont override others.

Further on from this I'd love to have my GPS coords (taken from the phone) uploaded to facebook every half hour or so. Theres no point at all other than pure geekiness :D hey, thats what its all about!

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