Shapeways = Teh Awesomes

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I'm getting addicted to Shapeways, for those too lazy to click that link theyre a company that own a load of rapid-prototyping machines (or 3D printers for the dumbasses). They let you upload a 3D object from your pc and in 21 days they send it back to you made in glass, plastic or stainless steel. Its really rather good :)

So of course I've dug out an old copy of Blender and started playing about with creating something. First order of business, new ear-tunnels


Sketchup is a shit sometimes, whenever you extrude a face it leaves a copy of the face behind inside the object. Shapeways dont like this so they reject the model and much tidying up is needed.. Eventually I got the model properly prepared only to find the minimum order is $25 and these are $1.50 each.. time to design more things...



How about a goatse beltbuckle? I stole the hand model from a website and tidied it up (a hell of a lot of work that was, the original model had holes, shared vertices and lots of non-manifold edges). Its been smoothed too and I've bumped up the tendons a bit to make it more hand like. This ones going off to the website now to see how much it costs..

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