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Im having a random moment and letting my mind wander a bit, its a bit of mental relaxation after such a productive day and the previous travel cockups..


I'm planning the Vietnam portion of my trip, this is an unusually tidy version of what Safari and Firefox look like when I plan stuff. The usual mode of operation goes like this:

  1. Read travel guide on the plane/train/toilet
  2. bookmark stuff
  3. google it later
  4. stuff it in a text document
  5. work out a rough route from there
  6. book hostels and whatnot

It works but takes forever, I dont think a lot of people realize what a full-time job this can be sometimes. Its not all beer and larking about (a lot of it is for sure) but when youre not on a strict route it can be more work. For example: the next 3 countries I'm aiming for all need visas, you can get them at the border sometimes but not at all borders and at all times.

If I was on a strictly planned route that wouldnt be a bother, I could tour the consulates in the UK and get them in advance. I'm not though, so it takes a lot more route planning to hit the right borders. Humph. All things difficult are worth doing dont they say?

Still no news on the Bhutan side of things, the bank cant tell me if they've received the letter yet which concerns me slightly. I've spoken to the tour company and theyre cool with pushing the dates back. I'm in two minds about that though, I'd like to push it back further so I can see more of Thailand and Laos, but the further I push it the longer I need to be on anti-malarials for. Theyre already giving me the shits and I've been on them for 4 days...

Had some wicked dumplings for lunch, neither of us had a mandarin phrasebook with us so we resorted to miming the animals we wanted to eat. Luckily the standard charade for "chicken" is the same here as at home!

Oh and I should do some "thank you" lists at some point, there are a lot of people that I never got to thank for various things that have made the journey cool and some that I have, but what the hell, its all good karma

So in no particular order, thanks to:

  • The random chinese woman that sorted my ticket refund last night - I would have been stuffed without you!
  • Bryce from the hostel in Xi'an - without stealing his lonely planet I'd be heading to the US right now on a boring 12 day ferry ride
  • Simon and Harriet - one for making me get drunk on my birthday and t'other for buying me flashy ears, thanks guys!
  • Kristina, the hostel owner in Kiev - thanks for taking me to the gun range after I fucked up the Chernobyl booking and thanks for paying the bribe to the traffic police
  • The guesthouse owner in Tosa Iwahara for putting me up in the spare room as they were totally booked out and there was nowhere else to stay

I'll add more, theres a tonne of them!

Oh fuck yes, theres a typhoon heading this way.

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