Off to the Desert - day 3

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On the 3rd day the tummy gods said "let their be thunder, let continents move to the sound of our deep tromboning sounds" and lo! Bad stomachs were had

I was not well, to start the day I downed a cocktail of drugs, just the usual Loperamide, vitamin tablets and Electrolyte sachets. They did fuck all. I spent a good 20 minutes sitting on the floor feeling very very sick.

"Man up!" said my subconsciousness "when will you get to see this again? You cant spend all day ill". I listened and very weakly stood up to the demons in my tummy. Off we set on the 12km walk of death through the mountains of doom..

The walk was stunning, it took us right through the mountains that we'd spent the previous days looking at, there were some awesome views, awesome caves and awesome.... heat.

We'd started the hike at 1pm, when the sun was highest in the sky and it was blazing hot. I felt like shit so spent most of the walk alternating between moping and sitting on rocks.


We had a guy on a bike that would meet us every few km and dump cold water on our heads, here he is zooming away from us


More wild horses


I didnt get any other photos that day, I felt very very ill and spent the afternoon asleep on the floor of the hosts Ger. When I woke up 3 russian doctors were visiting for dinner and checkups. Luckily Sophie spoke Russian and managed to get the point across that I was ill. 5 minutes later I had some more pills and advice.

6 minutes later I projectile vomited all over the place outside the Ger. Hm.

I slept after that :p

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