nabphp progress and sound making things

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I've fixed an annoying issue with nabPHP, when I store a regular expression in the database PHP escapes everything with \'s, which is ace.... until you put it back out and stick it into a webpage then resubmit it. In short, the backslashes grow and grow and generally screw things up.

Its sorted now and running on my server at home, it seems to be working ok so a release could be coming up soon

On the Simons Pissed side of things, the ISD1700 chipcorders arrived yesterday, I've managed to record some things to it and play them back (through an old-school buzzer - no speakers here!). The analog input requires a 0.1uf capacitor (for low-pass filtering) and guess what? I havent got one :( Oddly my finger seems to work, if i bridge the connection with my finger the sound is pure and clear :p

The wonders of the human body eh?

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