more on the GPS thing

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The Bluetooth GPS thingy arrived on friday so I started work on the phone-side of the facebook gps tracker app.

Its written in Python using PyS60, oddly no extra modules are needed yet. The app connects to the gps device and attempts to read the data off. If it finds some position information it then pushes it to a PHP app on my webserver, this in turn grabs the map, generates the FBML then stuffs it onto facebook. All in all its working a treat.

1 problem though, the stupid designers of the gps device have put an "auto power off" feature on, if the device doesnt detect a gps signal or BT connection it pwoers off. Thats rather annoying as I dont want my phone keeping a BT connection alive all day (it'll kill the battery!.I'm hoping that simply tapping the power button will keep it alive, if thats the case then I'll hack an optoisolator and 555 timer circuit to keep pushing it :D

I may even publish the map location to this blog in a sidebar of sorts.

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