Minor interlude PORTAL STYLE

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I know I said I'd write up the rest of the project but first a minor interlude. Part of the supersecretawesomeproject that I'm working on at the moment requires some nice big red buttons in the style of Portal..

So I set out to buy some drainpipe as a base

Yo dawg, I herd you like tube so I put a tube on your tube..

After cutting the pipe at an angle and insetting a bit of wood as a base I started working on the buttons themselves. As a base I made a few mdf circles and stacked them, the top circle was slightly smaller and the gap filled with Milliput then sanded. The pattern on the top is lasercut perspex glued on. Once it had all set its time for primer :)

followed by a couple of test placements. You can see here that I've cut channels into the pipe, the plan is to fit blue lights inside

Time for a coat of red

I fitted some thick paper around the inside of the tube then a bunch of blue LEDs, the button mechanism is just a simple bolt and spring, its wired up to an Arduino and seems to work ok.

and a shot in the dark to show off the blue :)

Soon these will get hooked up to something awesome!

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