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been a long 2 months, my dad passed away suddenly about 2 weeks ago and I've been crazily busy sorting things out. Its not left a lot of time for dicking about with gadgets and whatnot.

Bleh, thats over, now progress!

The simon swears game is coming along, I've demolished the original game and cut holes in the casing to fit the arduino + assorted circuitry. I've soldered the pre-programmed ISD chip onto a board and started wiring that, unfortunately it was very hit and miss when I wired it the first time so re-doing it is going to be interesting..  The bloody LEDS are soldered in with a common anode too, so I basically have to resolder the bloody lot. On the other hand, the LEDS are quite cool, theyre very pure in colour (even the yellow ones) and very very bright. I should start work on this again soon.

I've also got my lasers working (after I fried the first one). I now have a 16x DVD laser being powered by the circuit at StoneTek  and have mounted it in an old iPod nano box. I'll post photos later. I took it out at night recently and shot it over a field, the beams visible for a stupid distance, not had a chance to fire at clouds yet though :p

Oh yeah, recently my iBuddy has been flapping his wings 5/6 times a day (and apparently more frequently over night according to the drunk that crashed on my sofa t'other night :p ), yay visitors!

I'll be writing up the iBuddy stuff on instructables soon too

Good news on the shoe front as well, my articles been accepted for Craft too :D

woop, think thats about it for a few months, time to start the hacking again :D

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