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What is it?

We've been playing Artemis and planning to build a Bridge for it inside a caravan, I'm fucked off with how simplistic it can be and have decided to write my own sim instead.
Its less of a simulator and more of a "bunch of training scenarios that take place over 5 minutes" designed to get a team of 3 people working as a crew. And failing.

Here are some screenshots of it so far:


The players (Captain, pilot and engineer) will have their own stations to work at, each one of the displaying puzzles and information that allows the game to proceed. Theres also an operator console that we'll play that allows us to control the game flow and "hail" the ship with a webcam.

So far I have a couple of basic scenese mocked up and an OSC based system for the ship consoles.

I'll post some more about the guts of it as I build it :)

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