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Well my second arduino has arrived, turns out its not the one I ordered from the U.S. (in fact, I have no idea why this one has arrived :p ). I've been fascinated by laser projectors for ages after seeing one being used on the dome at epcot when I was a kid.

Just recently I came across this: Laserline, its an audio controlled laser scanner application. You attach mirrors to two speakers (one for x-axis and one for y) and shine a laser at it.

I have to build this!! I've ordered a Sony 16x diode for the laser part, its capable of burning and cutting dark paper/plastic, so should have some decent range to it :p

My aim is to write rude words on clouds :p

And great, two workmen have just arrived outside and are setting up over the comms box in the floor. Guess this is bye-bye-broadband :p

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