In celebration of the new blog name..

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.. the weather has pulled a London on us and were grounded for the day. Spent 2 hours sitting at the landing zone waiting and then we all gave up, theres no wind at the top of Sarangkot so we cant launch at all. Its a shame because were practicing pitch control over the lake today, this involves periodically braking to induce some mad swinging so that we can learn to control it. Looks like fun too :(

I shifted the blog to a new domain name, the old one will work for 2 more months then I wont re-register it, the new one is http://noproblemshere.com. I'll also stick a swear filter in so that people in jobs can read it :)

Ohh so now I've got nothing planned for the day, renewed my visa - which is handy as it expires in 3 days - and now I can stay here for a month more :) Sweeeeeeeet

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