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So I left Da Lat on time with no problems at all, woke up on time, had breakfast and got the bus. About half way through the journey we pulled into a garage as one of the rear tyres on the coach had punctured and gone flat


I sat there watching and reading the Lonely planet in preparation for Cambodia later in the week when I stumbled on the visa section. That set me thinking about getting a visa sorted early (rather than on the border) when I suddenly realised...

I'd left my passport in the hotel. Fuck.

My brain went into its usual "oh fuck I made a serious cockup" mode and started planning things, worst case I get the bus back tomorrow and lose a few days from Saigon, best case I can call the hotel and arrange to get it mailed. I tried to call the hotel but my phone refused to dial the sodding number correctly, that left calling the hotel from Saigon as the only option.

We set off on the bus again and about 3 hours in the driver pulled over and came walking down the bus with a mobile in his hand. He shoved it at me and there was a frantic hotel owner on the other end offering to stick it on the next bus to Saigon. Score!

Arrived in Saigon, checked into the hotel and met the others. Got drunk.


This dude was dancing like a drunk idiot all night. He also kept squawking at people. We Lol'd


Random wanderings in Saigon, mostly just recovered from the previous night. I went to get my passport back from the tour company too, turns out they'd put it on the wrong bus and sent it to Nha Trang. Come back tomorrow please :(

Today we went out to the Cu Chi tunnels, its a load of tunnels people hid in during the war


People fit in this hole. 100% fact. This is not an evidence hole*


(*evidence hole: Noun - Something one buries evidence in. Example "We can hide the stolen cans in the evidence hole")


Bamboo spike trap. nasty stuff, seems a bit like something out of Mario 64. But more deadly.


Unhappy tank.


Happy eejits


Random photos




My new favourite toy :D


Those arent ear protectors, theyre actually Phillips headphones and do jack shit for ear protection.

The tunnels themselves are cool, the longest we were allowed through was 140 meters long and was only just about high enough to crawl through. My jeans got fucked up during that. Fun though, I'll steal Tara's photos and post them here at some point

So we came back to the city afterwards and hit the one of the war museums


Oh and more KFC for dinner.


I now have my passport back so I can leave Vietnam tomorrow (bus pending)

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