Fujifilm Finepix W1

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back to geekiness for a moment...

I bought the FinePix W1 camera from a shop in Kumamoto the other day, after seeing and playing with the demo unit it was hard not to buy it..


So I got it back to the hostel and started the unboxing process..


They pack an example print into the box, at some point they plan to run a print service but I dont think its working yet. The 3d effect on the photo isnt bad, the kids definitely stick out from the background. They probably could have used a better photo though


The usual bags of stuff, USB cable, power adaptor, manuals, CD and the camera of course :) The manual is entirely in japanese but its pretty easy to get the main points out of it.


And heres the camera itself, its quite a bit larger than a normal camera and much heavier. Keeping it in my pocket with my phone is causing problems. The front cover is a bit of a fingerprint magnets too..

Firing the camera up starts the setup process, it asks for your language - luckily in english - and time information. What you cant see in the photo below is that the blue highlight stands out from the rest of the screen


Its an effect used in all the menus too, although it can be turned off.

Taking photos with it takes a little practice, when on autofocus you need to keep the subject about 1-2m away otherwise the two images are too far apart for the 3d effect to work.

For close up shots you have to set the camera to "individual shutter" mode, it lets you take a pic with the left sensor, then move the camera a little and take another. It works really well if you have a tripod, its possible to get some good macro shots (10cm or so range) this way. I'll post an example further down (in JPG format and MPO format in case anyone has access to a 3d screen...)

For the techy side of things

This camera uses a USB connection but in PTP mode rather than mass storage, so you cant just plug and go if you have a mac.. However iPhoto detects the camera but will only let you capture JPG files from the camera. It totally ignores all MPO files on there.

There is a workaround, if you have a Mac get macports installed and install:

You have to screw with your path settings in your terminal to get ports to work correctly but after that gphoto2 detects the camera and lets you view the file structure. You can dump all the photos using gphoto2 -L and it saves all images and videos.

Check this link for generic instructions on using gphoto2 on OS X

As far as I can tell the MPO file format is just two JPG files concatenated, in fact when you use quickview in Leopard it shows one frame of the image (but preview.app wont bother loading it at all). I'm guessint it loads the first JPG then ignores all data after the end markers.

I'm trying to knock up a Python script to split the files, further down the line I want to be able to combine the files again so I can create my own 3D stuff and port it to the camera :D


Wicked little toy :D I just hope Fujifilm sort out the printing process so I can get some photos out IRL

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