facebook and piss-poor documents

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so i've been trying to update my facebook page remotely with various scripts and such, the idea being that I can write some apps that update my status for me. First idea was to have my server at home scan via bluetooth for my phone and if its present, set my facebook status to "at home", if not change it to something else.

You'd think this is easy, facebook provide a set of php classes to do this, however its really badly documented. By which I mean there doesnt seem to be any.


Shame, I had the BT scanner running, a nice messaging hub so other apps could update it but when it comes down to doing the update it requires me to login, gar!

Stuff it!

I started stocking up on electronics components on Saturday, some perfboard, solder, resistors, capacitors etc. I've got a nice stash of them all now :) Woolworths didnt have any Simon games in stock, looks like that'll be an eBay job (*shudder*). Sound chips havent arrived yet either :(

I've started thinking over the mobilephone RC car idea as well, I want it to be as cheap and throwawayable as possible, theres every chance this thing will go miles just to have some slack-jawed pikey nick it for his kids.

I've got an old nokia 3650 that can be programmed with java and python, but the only external devices it can support are infrared or bluetooth. IR is a p.i.t.a. to interface with and bluetooth is too expensive, might look into some DTMF decoders and control it with that.

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