Day 9 - Festival time

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Today the local temple held the annual "Black Necked Crane festival", it wasnt in the plans but we managed to work it in :)

Just the usual view from the hotel...

Just a normal hotel...

So as I said, this festival wasnt in the plan that the tour company had set out, but that didnt matter, Chimi reckoned we could get it done and make it to Thimphu in good time. We parked up at the bottom of the hill leading to the temple and walked up.. with about 100 locals all coming to see too.

Not much of a crowd just yet, so I wandered off to get some photos of the temple

A crowd started to gather round the edges

Then it all kicks off

These guys performed a dance to welcome the prime ministers wife to the festival, there was a ceremony of sorts with water and stuff

The crowd got larger..

Some sort of boring dance, not as fun as the others

These guys were monks, I'm not sure what the dance represented but I recognise the masks (but cant put a name to it). Next up were a bunch of schoolkids doing some sort of bird dance

The band chilled out a bit between gigs

Then another mask dance, I love these

Nice crowd, most of the surrounding area had come to see this

There was some sort of comedy skit after that, unfortunately it was performed in Bhutanese so most of it was lost on me

One last crowd shot before lunch

Chimi then let it drop that we had a 6 hour trip back to Thimphu, so we set off speeding around the mountain roads when we get stopped by..


..and road widening projects

Finally at 6:30 we arrive at Thimphu and stop off at the large stupa

Built by the 3rd kings mother as a memorial for him, looks awesome with the clouds like that :D

And finally I'm up to date with this blog, thank fuck for the ftp upload thing I've put in place, it'd be impossible without it!

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