Day 8 - Retracing old steps and stomping out new ones

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We had a fairly long drive planned today, we had to get back to Phobjikha before sunset to see the Black Necked Crane's in their conservation area. On the way we went past a waterfall I'd spotted a few days ago and stopped for a couple of pictures (and a piss)

A few more hours driving and we'd arrived at the restaurant near the Nepalese Stupa from a few days ago, we'd arrived early so I set off on a walk to snap some pictures and stretch my legs

Lunch got finished (the had roast potatoes which were actually decent, thats another thing off the list of stuff I miss from home..) and we started the climb up to Yotongla Pass. At the top we spotted a film crew and a rather odd actor...

It was bloody freezing so we left pretty sharpish, this time taking a random dirt track instead of the paved road. After a stunning descent into a valley Chimi jumped out of the car and pointed out a sign

Off we set, me with an altitude-inspired headache again

We trotted through a forest chatting about random shit which got suddenly silenced as we left the forest and emerged into the valley

and then stopped in a farmhouse for tea.

The hotel was.. interesting.. mostly wooden cabins with no power when the generator isnt running. As I arrived one of the staff came in to light the wood burner for me. I left it burning over dinner and by the time i got back it had gone out. Oh well how hard can it be to light again?

Turns out that 1 Yuan notes make good kindling for a fire


WIN! (and only in 2 hours too..)

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