Crashed at Me Mates Place and saw some things

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I'm starting to get a little bored with buses now, we took the coach across the border from Saigon to Cambodia a few days ago. Its a bit wierd as nothing much changes between the two countries, the people look similar, the buildings look similar and the food (at least on the tourist trail we were on) is similar. With border crossings its a total of 6-7 hours of travel, fun fun fun..

We arrived in Phnom Penh about an hour earlier than I expected so our free pickup for the hostel hadnt arrived, we ended up taking a tuk-tuk there in the end. Picture this: 3 foriegners roll off a bus with all their stuff at 7pm and your a local Cambodian Tuktuk driver, they approach you and simply say "we need a lift to Me Mates Place".


Turns out he knew exactly where it is... I'd definitely recommend the place, we ended up with a huge 5 bed dorm to ourselves with sofa, fridge, balcony and TV for a decent price. Wicked staff too, they were falling over themselves to arrange stuff for us and help out.

Anyway, Tara and Loz headed out on the piss and I stayed back on Skype for ages, we arranged to hireĀ  a tuktuk driver for the day the next day except..


Wheres Loz? Being sick in a bin in the hostel, thats where :p

First stop: The Killing Fields


The first thing you see on entering the park is a massive Stupa built as a memorial for the people that were killed here


After taking off your shoes and entering the building you see this


8000 excavated skulls from the mass graves left here by Pol Pots government. This is not going to be a happy day..


I admit this: I chuckled


Those dents in the ground? Each one was a mass grave containing 300-400 people


A bit of innapropriate advertising on a bench



I'm not sure who the sign is for here:


We hopped back on the Tuktuk but had no idea where we were going next, the driver knew some basic english but not enough to tell us where we were going. Oh well, its an adventure I guess


The russian market! Using my finely tuned* haggling skills I got myself a beer-shirt for a dollar. Score!

*read: Rarely used


We left the market after grabbing some lunch and headed to Prison S-21, continuing our day of pleasing happy places


This made me think


This made me laugh


This made me wonder


Tara catching a reflective moment* through the barbed wire


*or "having a fag" as its more commonly known

Read the link above all the photos for an explanation about this place, its better written than I could hope to do myself.


We had beer after that, kind of needed it really.

Next day we took a bus to Siem Reap, its in the next post.

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