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BBC Click on worldservices


A couple of us from the London Hackspace got invited to build and demo a machine for BBC Click ( on BBC world services). We threw together a machine that listens for tweets, dispenses a ball into a holding area and then at the end of the show fires them into the audience.

Heres a few pics

Heres the complete setup

A nice closeup of the Ball Holding area (thrown together in half an hour with a glue-gun)

The large-ball accellerator

And sure enough we had more tweets than balls

Tom Scott produced a nice video of the whole setup:


The show is available on BBC iPlayer here

to BBC Click on worldservices

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  • Hello Tom,

    Loving the machine! I am building a launcher myself with the same setup (two motors for launching the balls) and I was wondering what the specs are on those things you used here? I'm thinking voltage..

    Cheers & Greetings from the danish hackespace, Labitat in Copenhagen!

    #155 | Comment by on Mar 18, 2012 03:42pm
  • They were two spare motors that I found in the workshop, I think they were rated for 12V but we were running them at about 21v. We didnt really care if they broke :)

    #159 | Comment by on Mar 19, 2012 08:32am

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