Back from the desert

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I woke up feeling fucking awful and spent the morning laying on a cold rock on the shade drinking electrolyte solutions and reading books. Every half hour or so the host would come over and see if I was ok and bring me water and bread :) It helped a lot :)

woot rescue

Heres the jeep coming to rescue us

Half way back to Mandalgovi the jeep had to stop because it overheated


We then checked into a guesthouse Ger for the night, spent that afternoon asleep/reading again


The toilet at this place was horrific, truly terrible. I went in the middle of the night with my head-torch on and made the mistake of looking down... that really didnt help the stomach..

7:30 this morning we caught a jeep to the bus stop, 8am we were off on the most cramped minibus 11000 Tögrög could get us. Journey from fucking hell it was!

And now I'm back at the hostel, looking for something to do tomorrow and feeling thoroughly orrible. The sand is out of my hair and skin and I'm sunburned and tired but it was definitely worth it :)

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