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all cocking day!

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..its taken me to get the ISD chips talking to an Arduino with SPI.

Firstly I cocked up and switched the MISO and MOSI lines :p my bad.

Secondly I couldnt get it to passthrough sound from its input directly to output (for monitoring levels). Solved that by programming the analogue path registers. This is especially fun as the SPI data on the ISD chips are LSB and I didnt realise.

Finally got it to pass through and (jeeez!) record something, it now seems to playback too. Its a P.I.T.A. to playback though. You have to record the sounds to the chip then find out the start and end addresses in memory that contain the data. You then push that to the device to have it play. Ugh.

Next task is to integrate this with the Simon game I've written and try to get it off the protoboard and onto something more permanent.

Still waiting for the actual Simon game though :(

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